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Bachata is a Latin dance form originated from the streets of Dominican Republic. Known for it’s signature Cuban-hip motion, Bachata consists of zesty, sensuous, yet simple dance steps, performed to romantic tunes, which showcases the chemistry between partners.

Born in the shantytowns, Bachata was initially considered to be too crude, vulgar, and musically rustic to be allowed into mainstream music and dance. Its popularity accelerated in the early 2000s as a club dance, from where it gained social acceptance.

Traditional Bachata has evolved into different variations.

1. Modern Bachata – sometimes poorly labeled as “freestyle”, involves more styling, slides, intricate footwork, and accentuated movement.

2. Rueda de Bachata – is just what it sounds like. A love child of Rueda de Casino and Bachata, it incorporates multiple patterns all dancing and following a single leader who calls out choreographed moves.

3. Bachata Tango – Tango and Bachata fusion. The same footwork but even more dips, kicks, spins; more tango specific moves.

Duration to learn:

Bachata can be danced socially, having learned just the basics that take about 2-4 hours. However, Bachata groove, tricks and musicality take about 2-4 months to master with regular practice.


The mood of Bachata is very sensuous and romantic, conveying tales of love and heartbreak. The Bachata is danced to a distinctive kind of music on 4 by 4 timing. It is largely influenced by Rumba – one of the major Latin dance forms.

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